Urgent to transit to sustainable personal road transport – but possible and profitable

Sweden needs to raise the ambition level to make possible a timely transition to fossil-free and sustainable passenger transport. The solutions are available – and they can also be economically advantageous. This is what the research team led by Dr. Henrik Ny at Blekinge Institute of Technology concludes in a report published today.

The researchers say, among other things, that we must look beyond fossil independence and invest in a completely fossil-free transport sector by 2030 while greatly reduce transport and car dependency.

The report published today has three main messages:

  1. It is serious and urgent – In order to live up to and benefit from the Paris Agreement and to take into account other important sustainability challenges such as surface use, health effects, future oil shortage and the social costs involved in all this, we should focus on making passenger transport completely fossil free by 2030.
  2. It is possible – Practical solutions are available to reduce transport and car dependence as well as favour fossil free energy use and sustainability – both in Sweden in general and also in sparsely populated areas, such as Småland and Blekinge. For example, each carsharing car can replace 5-8 cars.
  3. It pays off – Acting fast and decisievely is better than waiting. This gives more jobs, more export earnings, fewer people injuries and a reduction of the hidden environmental debt only in Småland and Blekinge by around 9 billion € by 2050.

The research team at BTH, led by Dr. Henrik Ny has, based on among other things worked within the GreenCharge project, and developed a simulation-supported methodology for rapid transition to sustainable transport and energy systems. Previously, the practical demonstrations and preliminary research results of the project have been presented. Now this integrating roadmap report is also presented.

Read more about the report and how a fast transition to sustainable personal road transport is possible and profitable and see Henrik present the report via our YouTube Channel

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