New SustainTrans Report – Magnetic Trains a Great Opportunity for Sweden!

An independent investigation by Henrik Ny from SustainTrans has found that Magnetic trains can be the future of  fast ground transport for Sweden and an export opportunity. Based on his investigation Henrik Ny urges Sweden's transport politicians to initiate an independent rapid investigation that compares different future scenarios for high-speed ground transport. According to [...]

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Varvara Nikulina was a guest lecturer at the University of Graz

In November 2021, Varvara Nikulina was a guest lecturer at the University of Graz[1], online. She gave two participatory classes to the students in the course Inter- and Transdisciplinary problem solving, lead by Dr. Ralf Aschemann. The overarching theme was Tools, Methods and Approaches for inter- and transdisciplinary problem solving. The first lecture was [...]

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Summary from the Course in Systems Analysis Sustainable Transport

Presentations, results and photos from the two days Course in Systems Analysis Sustainable Transport (running between 25-26th of November 2021) will be published on this page.

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Course in Systems Analysis Sustainable Transport

Course in Systems Analysis Sustainable Transport The Roadmapper project navigate you through short-term challenges to sustainable transport As you know, the Roadmapper project uses Blekinge as a case study to produce a decision support for a rapid transition to sustainable transport. As part of this project we now welcome engaged people from all part [...]

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StepWise – How can Sweden get a sustainable transport system?

Sustainable transport system On November 10ths, The StepWise Group visits Blekinge Tekniska Högskola. How can Sweden get a sustainable transport system? One urgent issue that the StepWise Group together with leading researchers within Sustainable Energy and Transport Systems will work on, on the November 10ths. From our team Henrik Ny, Thomas Berger, Varavara Nikulina, [...]

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Energiting Southeast – 11 November 2021

Energiting Southeast - 11 November 2021 Energiting Southeast is a web conference, with the opportunity to participate on site in Markaryd, at Vetenskapshuset for a limited group of participants. This year, the focus is on the driving forces in society that need to work together to be able to fight climate change together. Together [...]

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Roadmapper Work Package 4, October 2021

Roadmapper Work Package 4 update, October 2021 The Roadmapper work package 4, is all about modelling the regional transport system in Blekinge, including both personal and freight transports. In this October 2021 update video you will get insight whats done so far, the ongoing processes and the exciting upcoming workshop in the [...]

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Roadmapper at Baltic University Programme Symposium 2021

Varvara and Thomas represent Roadmapper at the BUP Symposium 2021 On the 20th of October 2021, Varvara Nikulina and Thomas Berger have presented their research in Workpackage 1 of the Roadmapper project at the Baltic University Programme Symposium 2021. “Making a jigsaw puzzle: integrative sustainability indicators for transport sector in Blekinge, Sweden” Varvara Nikulina, [...]

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How can Agenda 2030 and other sustainability goals be integrated into transport planning?

"How can Agenda 2030 and other sustainability goals be integrated into transport planning?" The sustainable development goals, Agenda 2030, have been a guiding star for sustainable development since 2015. Agenda 2030 is, among other things, about providing access to safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable transport systems for all by 2030. The goals are also [...]

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Presentation by Varvara and Bekki at the International Transdisciplinary Conference

In September 2021, Varvara Nikulina and Rebecca Laycock Pedersen, presented their work at the International Transdisciplinary Conference. The theme for the conference was Creating spaces and cultivating mindsets for learning and experimentation. Researchers contributed with the study titled “Dialogue between transdisciplinary and action research: modus operandi and what we can learn from it”. The [...]

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