Visit at the Bengal Institute in Dhaka and membership of the New Urban Typologies program

In November 2019, SustainTrans researcher Giles Thomson joined a small group from Färgfabriken in Dhaka, Bangladesh, to be a member of their New Urban Typologies program in collaboration with Bengal Institute of Architecture, Landscape and Settlements. Giles gave a give a public lecture and participated in three days of field trips and workshops as [...]

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Welcome to Abdellah and Judith!

We are happy to get a new cooperation started with two spatial planners from the TIFP department at BTH. Professor Abdellah Abarkan has invited Henrik to co supervise the phd student Judith Oginga Martins. This cooperation is focused on how the urban form and urban planning could be used to support a transition to sustainable [...]

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Application open for our new course in sustainable energy systems

Want to know more about how current energy systems can be transformed to full sustainability? The SustainTrans team offers a new 7,5 credit distance course in English about how can we transform to a sustainable energy system based on renewable sources and efficient use of energy carriers that can comply with principles for a social, [...]

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