Analysis: Four steps towards fossil free and sustainable transport

Henrik Ny writes a new analysis for the Swedish magazine Ekotransport. Plan society right from the start, reduce car dependency in transport, reduce fossil dependency in the car fleet and focus on new technologies such as Biochar and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). These four steps towards fossil-free passenger transport are proposed by Henrik [...]

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The new Interreg Baltic Sea Region project “INTERCONNECT” approved

INTERCONNECT, an 3,5 M€ EUSBSR flagship project starting in 2017 and ending 2020, addresses the challenge of curbing the car-reliant mobility trend in the South Baltic (SB) area through user-adjusted and more sustainable public transport services for regional and cross-border travels. The current public transport offer hardly meets customer expectations for easiness and attractivity of regional and cross-border [...]

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Urgent to transit to sustainable personal road transport – but possible and profitable

Sweden needs to raise the ambition level to make possible a timely transition to fossil-free and sustainable passenger transport. The solutions are available - and they can also be economically advantageous. This is what the research team led by Dr. Henrik Ny at Blekinge Institute of Technology concludes in a report published today. The [...]

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Application for a new research project: Sustainable introduction of electric snowmobiles

Snowmobiles powered by combustion engines causes noise and emissions that negatively affect both the drivers and the environment. Electric powered snowmobiles have no engine related emissions, and in line with other electric vehicles likely lower noise emissions. Earlier trials, e.g. 2011 in Östersund, have shown that the technology was immature. Electric snowmobiles that seems [...]

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Presentation at the World Symposium on Sustainability Science and Research

April 2017 started with a presentation by Varvara of a publication of her Master thesis at the World Symposium on Sustainability Science and Research in Manchester, UK.[1] Researchers, politicians and civil servants from all over the world met at Manchester Metropolitan University to discuss approaches of addressing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)[2]. The diversity of delegates [...]

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Electric bus noise measurements @ Västerås flygklubb

Within the electric bus study, noise measurements according to ISO 362-1:2015 of an Electric bus has been done in Västerås in late April. The aim was to find out the noise level during acceleration compared to a comparable gas bus, and we had successful results indicating that there is a big difference between those vehicles. Further [...]

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