New study about electric buses has been granted

Today, we had our new 2-year study about decision support for the introduction of electric buses granted by the Swedish Energy Agency! Previous studies and investigations in the bus industry have shown a need for customized procurement of electric buses that include charging infrastructure, minimize risk for the parties involved, and lead to a sustainable [...]

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Two articles accepted for publication at ICSUTE 2016

For the conference about Sustainable Urban Transport and Environment in Madrid by 2016, the 'SustainTrans research group has got articles named "Preference of Electric Buses in Public Transport; Conclusions from Real Life Testing in Eight Swedish Municipalities" and "A Strategic Sustainability Analysis of Electric Vehicles in EU Today and by 2050". Check them out in [...]

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Henrik Ny is a new columnist in ‘Ekotransport’

Today Henrik Ny writes his first column in Ekotransport – the newsletter that the magazine Miljörapporten has started on sustainable transport. In the newsletter, Henrik makes an analysis of the status in Sweden’s work towards the national goal of a fossil independent vehicle fleet by 2030. Read more in the Swedish newsletter Ekotransport

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Publication of report about incentives for EVs in 8 countries

A new report by BTH conducted jointly with researchers from Copenhagen Business School and Innoventum has compared instruments for electric vehicles in eight countries. Recognized predecessor as Norway, the Netherlands and China were included, but also some who like Sweden, have been more cautious (Germany, France, the UK and Denmark). The report concluded that Norway [...]

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Field test in GreenCharge of electric bus finished

Ebusco 2.0 was during winter time 2014-2015 successfully tested in public transport in eight Swedish municipalities. In an earlier theoretical study within GreenCharge, researchers found that electric buses are more sustainable and can be 25 % cheaper than fossil fuelled buses in city traffic. In that theoretical study, the energy use was not based on [...]

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