Presentation by Varvara and Bekki at the International Transdisciplinary Conference

In September 2021, Varvara Nikulina and Rebecca Laycock Pedersen, presented their work at the International Transdisciplinary Conference. The theme for the conference was Creating spaces and cultivating mindsets for learning and experimentation. Researchers contributed with the study titled “Dialogue between transdisciplinary and action research: modus operandi and what we can learn from it”. The [...]

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Giles Thomson-participates in Färgfabriken’s project Symbiosis

On 28 August this year, Färgfabriken opened the doors to an exciting and changing exhibition where one of the participants is Giles Thomson at TISU. Giles researches and teaches about regenerative urbanism. A regenerative city is planned and built to improve and restore the natural systems from which it draws its resources. - Within [...]

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