Roadmapper application approved – Blekinge pushes forward for sustainable transport!

The Swedish Energy Agency recently decided to give SEK 7.6 million to a SustainTrans research project that focuses on a fast transition to sustainable transport and energy systems.There are more and more goals and roadmaps for transition to a fossil free society, but there are several questions about how it can be done sustainably, coordinated [...]

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New paper about a process for rapid scenario planning is published

With Giles Thomson as the lead author, the SustainTrans team and colleagues at TISU have published a paper about a process for rapid scenario planning to Support a Regional Sustainability Transformation Vision. The paper was created based on the learnings in the project with Region Blekinge about exploring scenarios for a regional planning project (to 2050) [...]

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INTERCONNECT final conference October 1st

In brief, the INTERCONNECT project addresses the opportunity of curbing the car-reliant mobility trend in the South Baltic area by means of user-adjusted and more sustainable public transport services for regional and cross-border travels. The Sustaintrans team have been working in this project since 2017, and it is now time for Henrik Ny and [...]

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Challenges and opportunities for sustainable shipping

SustainTrans researcher Sven Borén presented at the Baltic University Program annual symposium the 26th of August about challenges and opportunities for sustainable shipping. Abstract: Shipping is contributing to a positive societal development as people can access resources in an energy efficient way when compared to other transport modes. However, shipping accounts for emissions to air [...]

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