BTH, through SustainTrans, joins the UN Habitat-SolutionsPlus Universities’ Network

The SustainTrans Research Team, consisting of researchers from the BTH departments of sustainable development (TISU) and  spatial planning (TIFP), is now a member of the UN Habitat universities network. This network is made up of distinguished universities across the globe and conducts various international capacity building activities linked to sustainable development such as webinars, [...]

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We are Hiring: New PhD student position to the Groundbreaking Roadmapper Project!

We are finally staffing up for the new Roadmapper project! A new PhD student position (Doktorand i strategisk hållbar utveckling) has been announced at the BTH website.  Applicants should be strong in sustainability and systems dynamics and modeling. They should also have a good command of English and Swedish. There are more requirements but [...]

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New Opinion Piece: More required for a green restart after corona!

The Swedish government's restart package takes commendable steps forward but does not deliver climate benefits on a par with what would be possible. Henrik Ny, from SustainTrans, shows how this could be remedied. This opinion piece was published in the Swedish environmental magazine Aktuell Hållbarhet in October 2020. It was a follow-up of Henrik's opinion [...]

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Presentation at CSTFM about a process and catalogue of solutions for sustainable PT

SustainTrans member Sven Borén presented at the online International conference on smart transportation and future mobility (CSTFM) the 19th of October 2020 about a process and a catalogue of solutions for cross-border and regional public transport. This study has been realized through the INTERCONNECT project and is the first scientific publication out of two [...]

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Our new distance course in sustainable transport systems

Want to know more about how current transport systems can be transformed to full sustainability? The SustainTrans team offers a new 7,5 credit distance course in English about how can we transform to sustainable transport system based on renewable sources and efficient use of energy carriers that can comply with principles for a social, ecological, [...]

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Roadmapper application approved – Blekinge pushes forward for sustainable transport!

The Swedish Energy Agency recently decided to give SEK 7.6 million to a SustainTrans research project that focuses on a fast transition to sustainable transport and energy systems.There are more and more goals and roadmaps for transition to a fossil free society, but there are several questions about how it can be done sustainably, coordinated [...]

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New paper about a process for rapid scenario planning is published

With Giles Thomson as the lead author, the SustainTrans team and colleagues at TISU have published a paper about a process for rapid scenario planning to Support a Regional Sustainability Transformation Vision. The paper was created based on the learnings in the project with Region Blekinge about exploring scenarios for a regional planning project (to 2050) [...]

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INTERCONNECT final conference October 1st

In brief, the INTERCONNECT project addresses the opportunity of curbing the car-reliant mobility trend in the South Baltic area by means of user-adjusted and more sustainable public transport services for regional and cross-border travels. The Sustaintrans team have been working in this project since 2017, and it is now time for Henrik Ny and [...]

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Challenges and opportunities for sustainable shipping

SustainTrans researcher Sven Borén presented at the Baltic University Program annual symposium the 26th of August about challenges and opportunities for sustainable shipping. Abstract: Shipping is contributing to a positive societal development as people can access resources in an energy efficient way when compared to other transport modes. However, shipping accounts for emissions to air [...]

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Henrik Ny referee again at the Climate Match (Klimatmatchen)

The Swedish political week in Almedalen*, Gotland, was cancelled this year but in Jönköping the online event Elmiadalen was arranged instead. Read more about the event at the Elmiadalen official website. On June 29, for the second year in a row, Henrik Ny from the SustainTrans team was a referee in the event 'Klimatmatchen' [...]

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