INTERCONNECT, an 3,5 M€ EUSBSR flagship project starting in 2017 and ending 2020, addresses the challenge of curbing the car-reliant mobility trend in the South Baltic (SB) area through user-adjusted and more sustainable public transport services for regional and cross-border travels. The current public transport offer hardly meets customer expectations for easiness and attractivity of regional and [...]

Transitions towards sustainable multimodal personal mobility based on the local context


Varvaras PhD project ”Transitions towards sustainable multimodal personal mobility based on the local context” started in January 2017 and is planned for 4 years. It is designed in close collaboration between Mistra Urban Futures and Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH), where BTH is a hosting institution. Supervision is done by Henrik Ny, David Simon, [...]

Decision support for procurement of electric buses in public transport


Previous studies and investigations in the bus industry have shown a need for customized procurement of electric buses that include charging infrastructure, minimize risk for the parties involved, and lead to a sustainable future. The project therefore wants to develop and test new sustainability-oriented decision support for procurement of public transport with electric buses. [...]

GreenCharge – Field test of electric bus


Test drive of electric bus in Karlskrona November 2014. Photo: Sven Borén Ebusco 2.0 was during winter time 2014-2015 successfully tested in public transport in eight Swedish municipalities. In an earlier theoretical study within GreenCharge, researchers found that electric buses are more sustainable and can be 25 % [...]