SustainTrans at the Swedish Political week in Almedalen 2019

Henrik Ny explains the rules of the competition at Klimatmatchen in Almedalen 2019.

The Almedalen week turned 51 this year and has evolved from a purely political focus where leaders from parties in the Swedish government has held their annual summer speech to involve seminars, workshops, and speeches that all have political influence. About 45000 people where involved in the arrangement this year, and there were a lot of seminars about sustainable transport solutions as that has become a ‘hot topic’ within politics. Read more about the arrangement at Almedalen official website. The SustainTrans research team was represented by Dr. Henrik Ny and Dr. Sven Borén. Henrik was a referee in the event ‘Klimatmatchen‘ arranged by the Jönköping county administration ‘Klimatrådet’ where the company Södra was elected as no. 1 to meet the climate change challenge, in competition with Skanska, Folksam, Länsförsäkringar, Scania, Oatly, Derome, Obos, JM, Vaggeryds kommun, Gislaveds kommun, Swegon, Svensk ventilation, and Cybercom.

Klimatmatchen in Almedalen 2019. From the left: Dr. Henrik Ny, Helena Jonsson (Governor of Jönköping county), Karin Stenmar (Folksam), and Johan Litsmark (Länsförsäkringar). Photos by Sven Borén.

Henrik also conducted research interviews and prepared new transition academy pod episodes together with Mathias Roos from Kreativum Science Park in Karlshamn. Sven participated in a panel debate about how used electric cars can be kept in Sweden arranged by Volkswagen group Sweden. This has become a problem since the Swedish market of used electric cars is drained due to higher second-hand value in some countries, e.g Norway and the Netherlands.

Panel debate at Almedalen 2019 about how to keep the electric cars in Sweden. From the left: Moderator Håkan Matsson, Ellen Österberg (LUF), Jonas Bjurman (Volkswagen Finance), Dr. Sven Borén, Prof. Maria Börjesson (VTI), Claes Jerveland (Volkswagen Group Sverige). Photo by Henrik Ny.

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