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Abstract about sustainable shipping accepted for presentation

The annual international Baltic University Program symposium have accepted Sven Boréns abstract about Challenges and Opportunities for Shipping towards Sustainability. The conference have this year a focus on  Research and Innovation for a Sustainable Baltic Sea Region and was initially planned to take place in Visby the 25-26th of August, but is due to [...]

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Henrik Ny has become a Docent

The highest academic degree in Sweden is 'Docent', which equals the work of achieving a second PhD. SustainTrans team leader Henrik Ny got that degree the 23rd of January 2020 at Blekinge Institute of Technology in the research area of Strategic Sustainable Development. Henrik with his docent degree. Photo by Sven Borén. [...]

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Summary from collaboration with Wallenius Marine and next steps

June to December 2019 was full of activities for SustainTrans member Dr. Sven Borén in a project about finding challenges and opportunities for shipping at large and Wallenius Marine towards sustainability. The project was funded by Vinnova and BTH through the PAUS-project, which allowed 20% working time at Wallenius Marine. It also included how BTH [...]

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INTERCONNECT mid-term meeting in Elblag

The project partners in INTERCONNECT met in September in Elblag (Poland) for a late mid-term project meeting, and back-to-back with the Warmia-Mazuri conference 'Efficient integration of public transport services'. Sven Borén in the SustainTrans team was one of the presenters and told the audience about the stakeholder collaboration model, which in the INTERCONNECT project will [...]

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Giles presenting at ‘Cities’ Identity Through Architecture and Arts’ conference

On the 12 September 2019 Giles travelled to the University of Pisa to present 'Urban fabrics, transport and identity: a case study from Karlskrona, Sweden', a comparative analysis of maps from Karlskrona, including historic maps from Blekinge Museum along with current GIS maps, to analyze the city's urban development over the past three centuries. This analysis drew [...]

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New article published: Electric buses’ sustainability effects, noise, energy use, and costs

From the fruitful in-real-life electric bus study cooperation managed by Sven Borén with stakeholders from 5 municipalities, regions , bus companies and related organisations in Sweden, this article describes sustainability effects, noise, energy use and costs for electric buses when compared to buses powered by diesel, biogas and HVO.  This article describes how new and [...]

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New article “Lost in translation: A framework for analysing complexity…” published.

Written by Nikulina, V., Larson Lindal, J., Baumann, H., Simon, D., & Ny, H, and published in "Futures" (2019) with the full name "Lost in translation: A framework for analysing complexity of co-production settings in relation to epistemic communities, linguistic diversities and culture". The article presented a framework for analysing complexity within urban planning [...]

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New cooperation project with Wallenius Marine

Wallenius Marine and companies within the Soya Group are ambitious when it comes to sustainable development, but the conservative shipping sector have in general very slow progress towards sustainability. For example, recent studies from SMHI claims that the sector emits more Carbon dioxide than the flights in and to/from Sweden. This new project is financed by [...]

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Electric cars are getting more and more cost competitive

The Swedish car magazine "Teknikens Värld" reporter Mikael Stjerna interviewed in April SustainTrans researcher Sven Borén about costs and sustainability issues for electric cars, when compared to cars powered by fossil fuels. Sven's calculations shows that a VW e-Golf will have the same annual total cost of ownership (TCO) after three years, and the [...]

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