Electric cars are getting more and more cost competitive

The Swedish car magazine “Teknikens Värld” reporter Mikael Stjerna interviewed in April SustainTrans researcher Sven Borén about costs and sustainability issues for electric cars, when compared to cars powered by fossil fuels.

Sven’s calculations shows that a VW e-Golf will have the same annual total cost of ownership (TCO) after three years, and the accumulated TCO will be lower after six years, when compared to a VW Golf powered by gasoline (130 hp). It will though take six years for Kia e-Niro to catch up with Kia Niro Hybrid regarding the annual TCO as the latter have (according to the WLTP-cycle) a very low fuel consumption. It is difficult to compare with Kia Niro Plug-in Hybrid as there is a great variation in how much the vehicles are charged.

Total cost of ownership for electric and fossil fueled VW Golf and Kia e-Niro. Calculations by Sven Borén @ Blekinge Institute of Technology in 2019.

Read more about the interview at Dagens Nyheter or in the pdf Så snabbt blir elbilen billigare än motsvarande fossilbil – DN.SE.

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