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Henrik Ny
Henrik NyAssociate Professor
Henrik is the research team leader. Besides PhD supervision he focus his research on development of methodologies and strategies. Henrik is one of the co-funders, and also the overall project responsible and the research project manager of the GreenCharge project. Henrik has several years working experience from R&D at Perstorp AB. He holds a PhD in sustainable product innovation from BTH, a master’s degree in chemical engineering from Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden, and a master’s degree in environmental management and policy from the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics at the University of Lund.
Varvara Nikulina
Varvara NikulinaMSc, Licentiate
Varvara is since 2017 a PhD student within the team and earned a licentiate degree in January 2019. She focus on the comparative analysis of transitions towards sustainable future within the transportation sector. She obtained an Erasmus Mundus master’s degree in Industrial Ecology (University of Graz, Austria, Chalmers university of technology, Sweden), master’s degree in Biophysics and bachelor’s degree in Biology (Donetsk National University, Ukraine). Varvara has several years of experience in research and project management both on the local and international levels.
Sven Borén
Sven BorénAssociated Senior Lecturer
Sven is a researcher within the team and and earned a doctoral degree in Strategic Sustainable Development with a focus on transport in October 2018. He focus his research on developing methods, tools and assessment of transport systems towards sustainability. He holds a M.Sc in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability from 2010, and a B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Skövde, Sweden. Sven has a long working experience from design and development within mechanical engineering and project management.
Giles Thomson
Giles ThomsonAssociated Senior Lecturer
Giles is a researcher with a background in urban planning. He was awarded a PhD from Curtin University in Australia for his thesis titled “transitioning to regenerative urbanism”. Prior to joining the SustainTrans team Giles was a lecturer and research fellow at the Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute where he researched and lectured on sustainablity transitions for urban planning and transport systems. Giles also holds a Masters Degree in Urban Design (Sydney University), a Bachelor of Design (University of New South Wales), and a Bachelor of Science (Adelaide University). He has worked as an urban designer and planner on projects in Australia, UK, China and the UAE.
Göran Broman
Göran BromanProfessor
Göran is the research leader of Strategic Sustainable Development, with secondary supervision and mentorship as the main focus within the team. He earned his professorship at BTH in 2001 within Mechanical Engineering. Göran is since 2014 the head of the department and the research area ’Strategic Sustainable Development’ at BTH. He has been instrumental in the development of the framework for strategic sustainable development that is central to this Master’s programme, and he has integrated sustainability aspects in mechanical engineering education and research. For this pioneering work he has received, for example, The BTH Researcher of the Year Award, The Blekinge County Council Major Environmental Award and The Swedish Association of Sustainability Managers Award for Excellent Sustainability Leadership.
Karl-Henrik Robért
Karl-Henrik RobértProfessor
Karl-Henrik is a professor within Strategic Sustainable Development, and focus on co- authorship of articles and supervision. He is a former M.D. and earned a PhD as a cancer scientist 1979. Karl-Henrik is the founder of the NGO the Natural step in 1989, and has since then been leading the development of sustainability principles and research for strategic sustainable development, and have guided PhD’s and organisations to learn about and contribute towards a sustainable development. In 1999 Dr. Robèrt received the Green Cross Millennium Award for International Environmental Leadership and in 2000 he received the Blue Planet Prize for having led the development of the framework for strategic sustainable development that is central to this Master’s programme, in the business community also known as The Natural Step Framework. In 2005, he was named the inaugural winner of the prestigious global award The Social Responsibility Laureate Medal.
Abdellah Abarkan
Abdellah AbarkanProfessor
Abdellah is a professor at the department of Spatial Planning at Blekinge Institute of Technology. His main research focus is within the functional shapes of cities (urban morphology). Abdellah is associated to the SustainTrans team through common research on sustainable mobility and urban planning. Abdellah and Henrik Ny jointly supervises the PhD student Judith Oginga Martins within this area.
Judith Oginga-Martins
Judith Oginga-MartinsMSc
Judith is an urban planner and PhD student at the department of Spatial Planning at Blekinge Institute of Technology. She is working with the SustainTrans team through her supervisors Abdellah and Henrik within the UN Habitat project, Solutions Plus, which has a strong focus on electric mobility solutions. Judith’s research interest is the systemic linkages between spatial planning issues and sustainable mobility in East African cities.