A Process and a Catalogue of Solutions for Sustainable Cross-Border and Regional Public Transport 2022-08-24T12:17:56+00:00

This paper authored by Sven Borén and Henrik Ny, in collaboration with Juliette Tenart (Bax & Company) and Marco Mazouzi (Enact) was the first of two intended publications created within the INTERCONNECT project.

Abstract: The current public transport offers in the South Baltic region seldom meet customer expectations for easiness and attractivity of cross-border/regional journeys and rarely include integrated tickets for multimodal rides. To address that, stakeholders from six regions around the southern Baltic Sea developed the INTERCONNECT project that was guided by a holistic perspective on sustainability. Informed by that, this paper’s objective was to propose a tool/method containing a planning process with a comprehensive and on-line open-access catalogue of solutions for sustainable cross-border/regional public transport services to inspire and guide planning and decision-making. The tool/method that was developed in this paper include a 7-step process and a catalogue of 42 solutions that were developed through several workshops and discussions among the authors and other experts in the field. The f indings were compared and integrated with literature findings, practical experiences, then assessed against a principled definition of sustainability, and finally scrutinized and reviewed by project partners and external experts. The authors expect the results to sufficiently cover possible solutions for strategic sustainable development of cross-border/regional public transport and to inspire further development in other regions with similar infrastructure and financial means.

Paper published as: Borén, S., Ny, H., Tenart, J., & Mazouzi, M. (2021). A Process and a Catalogue of Solutions for Sustainable Cross-Border and Regional Public Transport. 184–191. https://doi.org/10.1145/3518781.3519240

Figure: Summary of the 7-step process for planning towards sustainable cross-border/regional PT