Storing data or programs outside of your own organization, known as cloud storage or cloud computing, is becoming increasingly popular. since this reduces the companies’ need for own IT equipment investments. At BTH, students are educated in the field and they are highly sought after by companies after graduation.

In early April, Amazon Web Services (AWS) – one of the world’s largest cloud services companies – announced that they intend to open three new data center in Sweden for cloud storage in 2018.

These data centers will provide companies in the Scandinavian countries with quick connectivity and the ability to make software execution and data storage in the vicinity of their own operations – all within the framework of EU regulation on data protection.

However, in order for companies to invest in cloud services, experts with the right skills to create solutions with the new cloud technology are required.

– Demand for IT experts with knowledge of cloud services is expected to increase in Sweden, especially after Amazon’s establishment, predicts Emiliano Casalicchio, senior lecturer in computer science at BTH.

BTH is already educating these experts. Since 2016 there are courses in cloud storage or cloud computing, where students gain both theoretical and practical knowledge.

– They learn how to handle virtual servers, ranging from a single virtual server to a network of virtual servers, and they learn how to use these in the cloud, explains Emiliano Casalicchio, who is responsible for the courses. The courses are popular and make the students ready to work with all types of cloud technologies, making them highly sought after by companies.

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